Community in Wales

Possibly you already know this but Presbyterianism comes from the United Kingdom. Back then and all throughout these hundreds of years Presbyterian community in Wales has been extremely important. And just like hundreds of years ago, it's just as important today.

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Community in Haverhill

Haverhill, Massachusetts is our current home and by ‘our’ we mean this website. We’ve been working for the Presbyterian community of Haverhill for 9 years now. We help out in the shelters, we care for public schools and more.

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Community in Antrim

Antrim, a county in the Northern Ireland is another significant Presbyterian Community we work with to help the congregations. Based on the latest data, the population of the county of Antrim is around 600,000. The county was named after a town with a same name. The town of Antrim is 22 km away from Belfast and has around 20,000 people that live there regularly.

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Hello and welcome to Presbyterian of Northern New England!

We created this website in hopes to bring more of the God’s children together.

Even though we are a part of the overall Presbyterian community, in this website we want to shed the most light on our communities in Wales, Haverhill and Antrim.

Also, you’ll be able to find out more information about our Presbyterian Camp in Wilmot, Wisconsin. It’s situated in a fantastic place and welcomes everyone from U.S. and beyond to spend some time with the likeminded people and rediscover your love for Jesus.

If you are new to Presbyterianism, we also included a short introduction of some thigs you need to know about Protestantism in general and of course Presbyterianism specifically.

The Meaning of Presbyterian

We all believe something. As other Protestants, Presbyterians believe in the Holy trinity, in that the God created everything, that he sent his son Jesus Christ to be crucified in order to forgive our sins.

So, what does make Presbyterians different? Well, first and probably most important thing that separates us is the fact that we don't believe in government. Therefore unlike the Church of England, we elect rather than appoint the officers in our church who represent the congregations when needed.

Also, Presbyterians do strongly believe that the confession is only between you and the God. Therefore you are welcome to do it voluntarily, without a church representative. Even though we want to encourage you to not be afraid of confessing your sins, you are free to do it in your own time, where you want to do it and when you feel the most comfortable. Read more...