Camp Wilmot is a summer camp

where we invite anyone who wants to spend a little time with similar minded people, rediscover Jesus and spread their love and joy.

We organize groups

for elderly, seminars and welcome anyone who is interested in spending a few peaceful days with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Even though our busiest time is summer as it is off-school season, the camp is in fact open all year long.

We are also working closely with Presbyterian camps all across The United States. One of them is the Menomonie Alliance Church organized the annual Men's Retreat Arrowhead Camp. You can read about it in one of our website champers or visit their own website . We also work with several youth camps, adult camps that welcome anyone who needs a few days of retreat, who is in search of themselves and Jesus.

Camp Wilmot is open all year long and will welcome you whenever you want to visit. During the year, except the majority of the summer, Camp Wilmot has special weekend events starting on Friday and ending on Sundays. For example, one of the recent Annual Winter Weekends featured snowball fights, hot chocolate, skiing, Bible studies and more. The regular price per person was $60.

Also, Challenges Camp is noteworthy. It is designed for developmentally challenged adults. It goes for 7 days at a time. The next annual Challenges Camp will start on 31 July, 2016 and end on 7 August, 2016. If you are interested in the Challenges Camp, please note that it is run by Jlene Plummer and Emily Taing, the directors of the camp. For enquiries to join the camp this summer please contact them.

Recently, we added a couple of new Weekend Retreat Camps available in several states: New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, California and Michigan. These are experimental camps but if successful, we are planning to expand to every state in the US. The reason why we say these are experimental is because during these Weekend Retreats, we encourage taking a different approach in Bible study, Jesus and communication. While some may say these are unconventional methods, we will urge people to try new things, to question everything and experiment. We believe that modern times require modern measures. However, new methods don’t mean new results. We trust that be experimenting and questioning you will develop even stronger love for Jesus. What can you expect during these 3-day Weekend Retreat Camps? These camps are only for adults and cost the same as our traditional camps ($60 per person). In short, we will be exploring the world of today from sports and politics to alcohol and gambling. You will be asked to participate in discussions and defend certain points of view. For example, how spirituality can find a place in today’s popular activities. Or why it shouldn’t? In addition to theoretical discussions, we will also be a practical part. Industry professionals will show you how alcohol, like Budweiser appeal to general public and how online gaming sites like All Slots Review focus on people’s weaknesses. The main goals of the retreat camp is not only to relax and focus on our love for God, but also learn skills needed to understand the modern world and be able to help people that surround us.