Haverhill, Massachusetts is our current home and by ‘our’ we mean this website. We’ve been working for the Presbyterian community of Haverhill for 9 years now.

We help out in the shelters, we care for public schools and more. Even though Haverhill Presbyterian community is not large as is the Haverhill itself, the region and the city in specific has been significant for the American culture for hundreds of years. In recent years we’ve seen our city clean up and transform into a vibrant community of people who care for each other and their home town.

Haverhill has an amazing, a few hundred year old history dating to 16th century. George Washington famously named Haverhill on of the most beautiful villages in 1979 during his victory tour. Haverhill served as an inspiration for Alexander Graham Bell, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Ford and many other individuals as well as groups that you could name as most influential in the history of U.S.

Presbyterianism came to Haverhill around fifty years ago but for decades the Presbyterian community didn’t grow much in numbers. They had their own house of worship and the community mostly kept to itself. However, around a decade ago the situation started to change rapidly.

With some enthusiastic leadership, the Presbyterian community grew in numbers, reached out to help in the everyday life of Haverhill and simply made their presence felt. That’s how this website came to our minds first and with a lot of help from the Haverhill College students became a reality that you are visiting today.