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Presbytery of Northern New England

Septic Tank Hotline

Essential Tools For Successful Service

A septic tank hotline is available to assist residents with any problems they may encounter with their septic systems. There are many different reasons why septic tanks may break down. One of the most common causes is because of soil that is not well-drained. If the soil around the septic tank is not of a good enough quality, the septic system will become clogged more often. As it becomes clogged more often, more waste will build up in the septic tank, causing it to become less efficient in cleaning up the waste. Owners should be sure to properly drain any standing water from their drains and toilets in order to prevent problems with septic tanks. Click here to learn more about benefits of septic tank hotline.


One of the worst problems that can occur with septic tanks is when sludge makes its way to the bottom of the tank. When this occurs, it can weaken the walls of the tank and make it easier for bacteria to grow. In some cases, this waste will eventually cause the closing of the septic pipes. If you’re concerned about the health of your family, you should consult with your local septic tank hotline. The professionals can perform a number of important tests to determine what is wrong with your septic tanks and whether or not they need to be repaired.

In most cases, septic tank problems are easy to resolve. All that is required is that owners make sure that they are taking preventative measures and are not filling the tank with too much water. In the event that something should happen to the tank that would cause it to overflow, there are a number of pumps that can help to solve the problem. It is important to keep a septic tank hotline on hand in case a problem arises. In many cases, these septic service companies can fix the problem for a small fee.