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Choosing The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Waking up in the morning after spending the night in the tranquility of a destination there can be few things better than heading to the nearest body of water to make that first cast as the sun rises. The challenge is when you have hiked to that destination – hiking with a full-size fishing pole is not really a viable option. This is why many fishing companies have come up with telescopic rods that collapse for easy carrying – but offer all the advantages of a full-size rod.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

The question is which one is best – there are many makes and models on the market. Here are two that have received excellent reviews from both experienced outdoorsmen and women – and part-time fishing enthusiasts.

1. The PLUSINNO ‘CarbonFiber Telescopic Fishing Rod.’

This is one of the best telescopic fishing rod choices due to the fact that it comes complete with a reel. That reel features an aluminum spool and a tough plastic inner core. The combo graphite (adding lightness) and fiberglass rod is sensitive enough for fine casting and keeping in touch with even the lightest of bites – but it has the backbone to put up with the worse that Mother Nature can throw at it. Guides are aluminum oxide – which is corrosion resistant. Foam grips make casting all day a pleasure.

2. The Magreel ‘Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.’

If you want quality but don’t want to break the bank this might be one of the best telescopic fishing rod combos money can buy. You get a quality carbon fiber rod, with a carry bag for rod and accessories, an assortment of lures, line, sinkers, and some hooks. For around $60 that’s hard to beat. Even the line guides are quality stainless steel and ceramic. The reel is also excellent, featuring a 5.5:1 gear ratio and an aluminum spool. It’s seated on aluminum – so saltwater shouldn’t be a problem. EVA foam grips round off the package.

It’s not necessary to pawn your existing fishing gear to get a quality telescopic rod (and often a complete combo set). Do your research and you will be able to find a rod that will serve you faithfully, no matter how far you are from civilization.