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Easy Fix For Garage

Everything You Need To Know For A Fast Garage Door FIx

Many of us will at some time or other need to know the easiest garage door fix. I’m sure that we all have done it at one time or another, and maybe even had the door fixed by the garage-owner himself. Unfortunately, there are many do-it-yourself “How To’s” floating around out there, which can lead to us getting really confused when trying to solve a problem. Here is a step-by-step look at some of the most common problems associated with doors, as well as a bit of advice on how to fix a garage door.

Garage Door Fix

Perhaps the most common problem that you will run into when fixing a garage door (however, it is not the only problem that can occur) is a roller spring tension spring – or more commonly referred to as the Torsion Spring. This particular spring tends to sag and make a squeaking noise when the door is opened and closed, mainly because it is under a lot of tension. In order to fix this problem, simply remove the torsion spring from the door. Remove any nuts and bolts holding the door in place, and unscrew the two screws that are underneath the door. This should take care of the problem.

Another common problem that occurs with doors is the tension of the rollers. If you are able to see the rollers and they are not touching each other, then most likely the problem is centered on the rollers. To adjust the tension of the rollers, simply loosen all the nuts on the bottom track, then turn the adjustment screws clockwise until they are no longer touching each other. You should also make sure that the tracks are not rubbing against each other, and if they then simply loosen the nuts again and re-screw them. Adjustment of these rollers should take care of the problem. This is the simplest garage door fix.